Poornam (whole) EcoVision is meant to provide holistic solutions to the environmental problems. Poornam is a social enterprise committed to betterment of society and environment. Poornam deals with awareness, consultancy, services, research and development, product manufacturing and trading in waste management, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and environmental management. Poornam is committed towards helping people in finding the sustainable lifestyles through public awareness, consultancy, product designing and manufacturing. We envisage Poornam to be a guide, trend-setter and companion in the life of everyone who cares for environment and wishes to bring-in positive changes for making the living sustainable.

Vision: PoornamEcoVision is established with the vision of promoting the holistic approach for the sustainable development

Mission: PoornamEcoVision’s (PEV’s) mission is to bring the positive impact in the field of environmental conservation for the sustainable development through effective and innovative ideas in waste management, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, natural resource management and environmental management.