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Activities @ Poornam EcoVision

What We Do

E-Waste & Plastic collection

  In today’s modern world innovations are taking place in technologies according to changing needs. This has given rise to increase in E-waste generation. As well as plastic usage has given rise in last two decades which is cause of plastic waste generation. Central government has their authorized system for collecting E-waste from industrial and commercial sector. But they are unable to collect household E- waste through their system.

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Fabric Upcycling

  Indian culture has always been developed in the favor of sustainability of environment, inclusive of 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Fabric Up-cycling is Poornam’s project which takes this concept to the wider level. Similar to the E-waste and plastic waste, fabric waste- clothes which are not in use are collected at Poornam. Many women Self Help Groups (SHGs) are attached to Poornam for manufacturing of various up-cycled fabric products.

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Awareness Initiative

 Nowadays waste disposal is burning issue and awareness about proper waste management has to be spread. Other than waste management several environmental problems are also issues about which citizens need to be educated. If children are educated at school age about problems and solutions in waste management then they will become responsible citizens in future. Community participation is main factor which can improve management and solve environmental problems.

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Green Consultancy

  In Pune, water crisis and solid waste management problems are increasing day by day. Still, people are not much aware about the solutions we can look up to solve these problems. Rain Water Harvesting and Wet Waste Composting are the techniques used worldwide to deal with these situations. To sort out these problems, PEF has established Green consultancy, a permanent Counseling Center which provides services for query addresses, installation, and maintenance for Organic Waste Composting, Solid Waste Management and Rain Water Harvesting. We are working at Society level and Township.

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