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E-Waste & Plastic Collection

How do we carry out this Process?

Poornam is working extensively in collection of E-waste, plastic waste and toys from residential colonies and institutions in and around Pune. In addition poornam’s collection centers are working and collecting waste regularly on every Sunday.
Reusable electronic goods are used for betterment of people being served in different organizations in and around Pune. Remaining E-waste & plastic waste is channelized to authorized recyclers/reprocessors for safe disposal.

E-Waste Process

Door-To-Door Public Awareness

Collection Drives at Various Levels

Donation to Needy Organizations

Disposal at Recycling Centers

In today’s modern world innovations are taking place in technologies according to changing needs. This has given rise to increase in E-waste generation. As well as plastic usage has given rise in last two decades which is cause of plastic waste generation. Central government has their authorized system for collecting E-waste from industrial and commercial sector. But they are unable to collect household E- waste through their system.

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